Answers to Some Commonly Asked Questions About Home Irrigation Systems

A home irrigation system can ensure that you always have a lush, green lawn without the time and effort of standing over your lawn, watering it by hand. A good automatic irrigation system allows you to set it once it's installed and then forget about it, as it will go on and off as programmed. When you're ready to consider a home irrigation system for your lawn, note a few questions you might have and then discuss these with an irrigation company if needed.

1. What is a backflow device and is it needed for my lawn?

A backflow device is like a valve that doesn't allow water from your lawn to enter the city water supply. Most lawn irrigation systems are connected to the city water supply through outdoor pipes and because of this, there may be risk that the water used for irrigating your lawn can flow back through those pipes. A backflow device stops this from occurring, and in some areas they are a legal requirement for a home irrigation system. However, this will vary from location to location. An irrigation contractor can tell you if it's legally required in your area and what type of backflow device is best for your property.

2. Why is an irrigation system needed for areas with heavy rainfall?

No matter the annual rainfall measurements of your area, rarely will you find that you get steady, everyday rains that last just for a few minutes and then stop. You may get heavy rains during certain seasons but not the steady rainfall your lawn needs; for grass and vegetation to grow healthy and strong, it usually needs steady watering every day or every few days, rather than strong rainfall a few times throughout the year. A good irrigation system will be programmed to water your lawn according to its needs, based on your local area and everyday weather, not just how much rain you can expect over the course of one year.

3. Why choose an irrigation system over manual sprinklers?

Other than the convenience of an automatic system, remember that an irrigation system will be designed for your home in particular. The sprinkler heads will be placed where they will do the most good and are most needed, and will be aimed in such a way that water doesn't run into the street. They will also shut off automatically. This saves water from being wasted and ensures your lawn gets the water it needs, where it needs it. In the long run, you can actually save money by installing an automatic sprinkler system versus using manual sprinklers. For more information, talk to an irrigation service.